Why Symposium?

The Undergraduate Business Symposium is one of the oldest and largest student-run career development events in the nation.

Basic Information 

​Symposium has evolved into a program of events across the month of September, culminating in the main Friday networking event. It is a three-day virtual event in which top students and companies have the opportunity to connect with each other, engage in meaningful ways, and ultimately grow professionally. 


Friday’s extensive activities center around a virtual networking career fair with top students from Kenan-Flagler. 

Highlights include:​

  • Hand-selected networking session with the best and brightest students (for Platinum sponsors)

  • Industry-specific programs to match students and companies with mutual interests

  • Diversity and inclusion programming

  • Virtual large-group networking opportunity 

  • Exclusive company marketing 


Where Great Minds Unite

Symposium 2021 will be our 37th annual event and is our second virtual event. It is widely anticipated to be our best yet!

Symposium 2020 played host to:



Company Sponsors

Company Representatives


Students Representing 21 Majors


Unique Programming Sessions


Student Volunteers

Student Registration

Symposium 2021 will be our 37th annual event and is our second virtual event. It is widely anticipated to be our best yet!

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Symposium Registration Deadline is September 3rd, 2021



"Symposium gives an unparalleled amount of exposure to many different companies. It truly is the best way to get your foot in the door of as many companies as possible."

-Evan Amico, BSBA 2020 

"Symposium provides immediate access to recruiters from countless companies and industries. So much information is at your disposal regarding internships and jobs. Being able to meet people from 50+ companies in one day was surreal."

-Cameron Jones, BSBA 2021

"I loved getting the opportunity to have meaningful and personal connections with a broad range of companies. The industry sessions in the morning coupled with networking in the afternoon allowed me to better understand the area I want to go into after college."

-Siona Kshirsagar, BSBA 2022

"Symposium is as interactive and influential as you want it to be - whether you’re there for advice on next-steps as a first-year student or are searching for a full-time job, your time won’t be wasted. You talk with at least a dozen or two recruiters before the networking lunch, and once you reach concourse networking, you can spend as much time as you need to with individual recruiters if you have specific questions about the programs or jobs they offer students."

-Catherine Smith, BSBA 2021


"The Undergraduate Business Symposium is a first class event that provides students an inside look at the opportunities and experiences across a variety of companies.  At EY, we are honored to sponsor this experience for students year after year and for the opportunity to meet top talent from UNC as they learn more about our firm, our experiences and our people."


-Meredith Friga, Partner, EY

“Each time we attend the Business Symposium we are consistently impressed by the level of engagement the students and faculty show us during our time there. Along with that, the students display a remarkable amount of courage in being able to present their opinions and experiences in an environment that fosters genuine interaction. From the Diversity Breakfast to the Keynote Speakers, ALDI is thoroughly pleased with the Symposium and looks forward to attending the event each year.”

-Brian Harris, District Manager, Aldi

"Over almost 50 years, P&G and UNC Kenan-Flagler have established a strong partnership that has provided career opportunities for students and resulted in delivering significant value for the P&G business and shareholders.  The Undergraduate Business Symposium creates an environment where companies can get both early and quality exposure to incredibly talented students.  Annual sponsorship and participation in this event is a no-brainer driven by the fact that UNC Kenan-Flagler has shaped many leaders who drive extraordinary results at P&G.  Our two cultures complement one another in so many ways and we are always excited about finding new ways to interact with students and faculty alike to take our relationship to the next level."

-Bill Warren, Sales Director, P&G

"We love that Symposium offers breakout sessions as well as the concourse networking/”career fair” portion of the day. This event has become a staple in our recruitment strategy at UNC – we consistently meet excellent students, and getting to be the 2019 Diversity Title Sponsor was a fantastic opportunity. It’s especially fun to have our employees who attended Symposium as students come back and help us find more Tarheel talent!"

-Melanie-Lark, University Manager, Cisco

“The Undergraduate Business Symposium offers a rare opportunity for students to not only be able to interact with employers but also benefit from their industry knowledge. The countless connections students make here help them lay the foundation for future career opportunities.”

- Melanie Hunter, University Relations Recruiter, Comcast NBCUniversal